Eating Your Way Through Ubud

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Ubud is a foodie haven, especially if you’re vegan, gluten-free or just appreciate a delicious healthy meal. You would think the culture of juicing and veganism came to Ubud with the yoga fanatics, but the fact is that Balinese eat incredibly healthy (suckling pig aside). The great thing about eating out in Ubud is that you can get a taste of … Read More

Eating Your Way Through Istanbul

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I’ll be honest, our first two trips to Istanbul, we weren’t all that impressed with the cuisine we were eating. That probably has to do with the fact that we kept ordering the same dish, kebap, hoping it would be similar to the incredible Persian kebap Shane grew up with. But once I got ahold of Biber Dolması, I feel … Read More

Food Guide to Jerusalem

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The complex and rich history of the Holy Land has bred a cuisine to match. Centuries of successive conquerers have added their flavors to the mix, and returnees from the Jewish diaspora have also brought with them traditions from their lands of exile. That means it’s hard to nail down what exactly constitutes the national cuisine, so if you’re a fan … Read More

Dining in Cusco: Food Pics!

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Two days is simply not enough to experience all the culinary goodness Cusco has to offer. But the restaurants we did get to visit were so good, we thought we’d share some yummy food photos to get you ready for your visit to the Inca capital! Click the name for a link to their tripadvisor page for ratings, addresses, menus and … Read More