Books and Mementos: Egypt

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Naguib Mahfouz is one of Egypt’s most famous authors and winner of the Nobel Prize. In preparation for our trip to Egypt, I read his Cairo Trilogy which is a multi-generational story about a Cairene family spanning the years from the Egyptian Revolution in 1919 to the end of World War II in 1944. It gives great insight into Egypt’s modern history … Read More

Books and Mementos: Turkey

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Before visiting Turkey, I knew very little about the Ottoman empire. The Sultan’s Seal is a historical novel that served as a great introduction for my first trip to Turkey. This short and enjoyable read follows Kamil Pasha and his British sidekick Sybil as they investigate the death of the palace governess. It’s a murder mystery with a little romance and politics that will teach … Read More

Books and Mementos: Peru

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I typically bring quite a few souvenirs home, but this trip was a little different since we really didn’t have time to shop. I’m not an impulse buyer, so even in another country it takes me a long time to select exactly what I want to buy. Though I would have loved a nice alpaca wool blanket, I have no regrets because the treasures … Read More