Escape the Crowds at Chiang Mai’s Terracotta Garden Art Gallery

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Outside the bustling south gate of Chiang Mai is a quiet garden that is so secluded, you’ll forget you’re still in the middle of the city. It belongs to the nearby arts center, and visitors can stroll right into the courtyard to bask in the fresh, cool air surrounded by seemingly ancient pieces of moss-coated art and take photos to their hearts’ delight. If you’re looking for a quiet, free excursion in Chiang Mai, this is one that will leave art lovers breathless.

The entrance gate alone is worth the visit!

Baan Phor Liang Meun Terracotta Arts Garden
Where: Outside the moat, just past the south gate of the old city
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 1pm–10pm

We visited Chiang Mai during Songkran, the Thai New Year which is famous for its water gun fights, so looking to escape the crowds for a few minutes, we sought a place of solitude and remembered photos of this garden that a friend of ours had taken on a trip to Chiang Mai a few years ago. A high wall separates it from the street, and does a fantastic job of keeping the noise out of the sleepy courtyard. The garden gallery belongs to the Baan Phor Liang Meun arts center that is located across the street where you can purchase the pieces or even take a clay class. For more than 30 years, the center has been dedicated to the art of producing Thailand’s finest earthenware pieces from the local Tambon Rimping clay, which is well known as Thailand’s thickest clay.

The courtyard

Dozens of broken sculptures line the courtyard

Some have been here so long,they’re becoming one with nature

It gets better— there’s a coffee shop on the premises as well as a restaurant that serves pizza and Thai. Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden is open every day from 8am–6pm (though it was closed for the holidays when we were there during Songkran). The Faces Gallery and Gastrobar is open from 1pm–10pm.

Table at The Faces

The Faces

The Faces

Photographers will surely appreciate the opportunity to have this garden all to themselves. Escape the crowds and the heat and take refuge in this secluded garden for a quiet, cool morning with some coffee or a memorable evening dinner!

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