15 Reasons You Should Visit Jordan

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From ancient cities to hot diving spots, Jordan has something for everyone and is definitely worthy of a place on your bucket list. After spending a week and a half visiting this incredible country, we’ve come up with the top 15 reasons to visit Jordan:

1) Because this desert looks like another planet
Wadi Rum is definitely an out-of-this-world experience.

Wadi Rum | Penny Caravan

2) Because Jordanians are some of the most hospitable people in the world
Here’s our adorable bedouin hosts treating us to some music and tea after dinner!

Seven Wonder Bedouin Camp | Penny Caravan

3) Because epic profile pics await
Did you know you could see Petra from this angle?

Petra Hiking Guide

4) Because you can see frescoes from the 600s
Qasr Amra is a royal bathhouse in the middle of the desert that’s covered in frescoes. There’s even a bear playing the guitar!

Desert Castle Loop | Penny Caravan

5) Because history goes way back here
Take a tour of the Wadi Rum desert to see all the spots where petroglyphs were carved into the rocks by people in ancient times.


6) Because you'll never see the night sky quite like this
Here’s a not-so-secret secret: the desert is the best place for stargazing.

We saw lots of planes going to Amman.

7) Because camels are awesome
And if you’ve never ridden one, a trip through Petra will be the ideal opportunity.

Camels and donkeys are available for hire around the city.

8) Because electricity is overrated
And walking through an ancient city by romantic candlelight is just an ordinary night. J/K, it’s completely magical.

The Treasury.

9) Because TE Lawrence was a guy worth following
Aqaba Fort is where the great battle against the Ottomans took place! Pro tip: watch Lawrence of Arabia before your trip so you know what you’re seeing.


10) Because you can glamp in the desert
This will definitely change everything you ever knew about camping.

Our tent

11) Because this temple was dedicated to Hercules himself
Stand at the Amman Citadel and bask in the ruins of ancient legend. Zero to hero, baby!

Hercules Temple

12) Because these are some of the oldest statues in the entire world
Think of it this way: they’re nearly twice as old as the Pyramids.

The museum at the Citadel holds some interesting artifacts.

13) Because falafel
You’ll never have better falafel in your whole life. This is it, it’s all downhill from here.

Quick stop for the best falafel in Amman at Hashem Restaurant.

14) Because these are some of the best preserved Roman ruins outside of Rome
Jerash is so well preserved it’s called the Pompeii of the East. But in fact, there’s Roman ruins all over this country.

Jerash | Penny Caravan

15) Because you can re-live this scene IRL
If you haven’t heard of Petra, you’ll surely have seen it in Indiana Jones. Who didn’t grow up wishing they could be him?!

And you can search for the cup of Christ
Just don’t expect to find any ancient Knights in there.

Toward the end of the day as we were leaving, we had the whole treasury to ourselves.

Just remember... only the penitent man shall pass
Not really. There’s no secret code to get in. So start planning your trip to Jordan!

Having some Indiana Jones fun—the penitent man shall pass!

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15 Reasons to Visit Jordan | Penny Caravan

2 Comments on “15 Reasons You Should Visit Jordan”

  1. Thanks Penny for your attitude to our country, you missed many interesting things… one of them is Mansaf, you should google what is Jordanian Mansaf!!! im not telling you now, a trip to Petra combined with Mansaf will never be forgotten

    1. We missed many things in our short stay in Jordan for sure! 10 days isn’t enough to experience all your country has to offer. We will return and look forward to trying Mansaf 🙂

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