15 Gifts Every Traveler Wants

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The holiday season is upon us again, and that means frantically searching for the perfect gift to check off everyone on your nice list. But what do you get for the traveler in your life? You know, the one that’s always jetting off and coming back with a rare tribal mask they picked up in some exotic corner of the globe. They may seem like they have everything, but here’s a helpful hint to make shopping for them easier—they want things that make travel more efficient and enjoyable.

So with that in mind, don’t scramble at the last minute. Take a peek at this list of 15 gifts that every traveller will love.


osprey-farpointOsprey Farpoint Backpack

Are they still rockin’ the bag you sent them off to college with? Time for an upgrade, for sure. Do they bounce from hostel to hostel? Then check out the Osprey Farpoint series of backpacks. They’re our go-to luggage choice and we’ve detailed the benefits of them before. If they just need a compartment to hold their stuff between the plane and the Uber to their hotel, then a classic roller from Tumi or Timbuk2 could fit the bill nicely.

arcteryx-bladeArc’Teryx Blade Backpack

The ideal bag for a overnight trip or weekender, the Arc’Teryx Blade offers enough functionality to also make it a good carryon option for their laptop and gadgets. Upon arrival it’s the perfect bag for venturing out into a new city.

osprey-ultralightOsprey Ultralight Organizers

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place” is the mantra for efficient and ultralight packers. The Osprey Ultralight series of organizers offers spots to stash small electronics like camera batteries and charge cables, as well as toiletries and dry sacks for dirty clothes.


bose-qc35Bose QuietComfort Headphones

Twelve hour flights are no fun if the roar of the engines is drowning out your in-flight entertainment, and the pathetic earbuds they pass out onboard don’t even deserve to be called “headphones.” Bose is the gold standard when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones, and the recently released QC35 up the ante with wireless connectivity, perfect for pairing with their phone when not plugged into the in-flight entertainment system.

mophie-packMophie Battery Case

Chances are your traveler relies heavily on their phone while jetting around, and there’s nothing worse than a dead battery when you’re trying to pull up directions to your hostel. Give them the gift of a little extra juice with a Mophie battery case, available for iPhone and the most popular Android phones.

usb-cableNative Union iPhone Cable

The charge cable that comes with the iPhone simply isn’t meant to endure the abuse of being jammed into a backpack over and over again. With fun designs and rugged construction, a new one from Native Union is the perfect stocking stuffer.

mobile-ipad-mini-4-hero-2015_geo_usiPad Mini and Kindle Paperwhite

An iPad Mini is the perfect give for those on the go, letting your traveler watch movies on flights, Skype with you back home, and download travel guides. Or for the book hound, check out the Kindle Paperwhite, which has a built in light for reading in dimly lit cabins, so they won’t have to disturb their neighbor with the overhead light.

gopro5GoPro Hero 5

Our phones have become our default travel cameras these days, but if your traveler is the adventurous type, then they would probably appreciate a GoPro to chronicle their cliff-diving adventures as our phones just aren’t up to the task. The newest version makes it easier than ever to share pics and videos, so you’ll be able to keep up with their adventures on social media.

sd-cardHigh Capacity SD Card

With memory cards cheaper than ever and available in mostrous capacities, they’ll love not having to question whether or not snapping the pic is worth it. A 256gb card will hold thousands of pics and hours of video. Get a Micro SD card for their GoPro.


exofficio-underwearExofficio Underwear and Smartwool Socks

You could keep it simple and go for the classic underwear and socks present under the tree. But why not upgrade to more travel-appropriate undergarments? Exofficio Give-N-Go underwear is on every travelers list. Add some Smartwool socks and you’ll have them smiling from ear to ear. What makes them different from regular socks and underwear? They’re quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and odor-absorbent.

tumi-patrolTumi Patrol Packable Jacket

Is your traveler headed to cooler climates? Get them the Tumi Patrol Puffer Jacket. In addition to offering warmth, the jacket conveniently packs down into a travel pillow, so they’ll be rested on the plane and ready to hit the ground running when they land.


scrubbaScrubba Portable Laundry System

Any seasoned traveler knows the virtue of packing light, but they also don’t want to interrupt their trip by having to worry about laundry. Enter the Scrubba, a packable dry sack that doubles as an impromptu laundry system, letting you pack less while staying fresh. Toss in some laundry soap sheets as a bonus stocking stuffer.

walletRFID Blocking Passport Wallet

Is your traveler deep into the points and miles game? Then they probably have a stack of credit cards they rely on for racking up points while on the road. Give them a nice leather home for their plastic and passport, while also offering protection against potential RFID identity theft.


So don’t sweat what to get the world traveler in your life. All they want is stuff that enhances their travel experience. If all else fails, you could always get them airline gift cards. That’s sure to be appreciated!

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