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    Hi, we're Shane and Iylana!
    We've traveled to more than 30 countries together while working full time jobs—and we can show you how to do the same. Make your travel dreams a reality!
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    Featured Destination

    Outdoor adventure and spiritual encounters await you at the roof of the world.
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    A trip to this island paradise is more affordable than you think!
    Our favorite destination has it all: history, art, architecture, and incredible hospitality.
    Costa Rica
    For eco-tourists and adventure seekers, this Central American nation is hard to beat.

    Latest Points and Miles Score

    Qatar Airways A350 Business Class
    We took the "World's Best Business Class" for a spin and it only cost $12!
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    Singapore Airlines Business Class to Bali
    A ticket to paradise on one of the world's best airlines for just $57!
    Three Weeks in the Middle East
    Can credit card points and miles cover virtually an entire trip? Yes!
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    Browse our curated selection of the best travel gear and accessories so you can breeze through the airport and stay organized on the road.
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    The Perfect Backpack for Petite Travelers
    Check out why the Osprey Farpoint 40L is Iylana's backpack of choice.
    Osprey Farpoint
    55L vs. 70L
    We whipped out the tape measure to find the difference between these two popular backpacks.
    Hands On with the Peak Design Travel Backpack
    First impressions of the popular Kickstarter-funded travel kit. Does it deliver?