Camp Review: Wadi Rum Luxury Camp

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Every traveler to Jordan knows it’s a must to visit the otherworldly Wadi Rum Desert. Even better than that is to stay the night in one of the many camps set up by the local bedouin tribes to sleep under the incredible desert night sky. Even better than THAT is to glamp it up at the Wadi Rum Luxury Camp. Wadi Rum Luxury Camp | from … Read More

A Day in the Wadi Rum Desert

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When planning your trip to Jordan you simply must include at least a day to visit Wadi Rum. The otherworldly landscape has become increasingly popular with travelers, and the local Zelabia Bedouin people have created a vibrant tourism industry taking visitors across the red desert landscape in their 4x4s and offering camel and horseback rides. Overnighters have a large range of … Read More

3 Reasons to Visit Little Petra

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When visiting Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, why not carve out some time to visit its lesser-known neighbor, affectionately dubbed “Little Petra?” The site lies north of Petra, about 5 miles (8km) from the town of Wadi Musa and the entrance of Petra. Like Petra proper, Little Petra (Siq al-Barid in Arabic) is a Nabataean site, … Read More

Camp Review: Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp

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When you’re out in the Jordanian desert, why not stay like the local tribes have been doing for ages–in a tent! This was an experience I was very looking forward to on our trip, so we planned on it twice, here in Petra and also at Wadi Rum. Since our Wadi Rum camp was going to be a luxury experience, … Read More

Petra Hiking Guide

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Petra surprises people every day who show up looking for the single facade of the Treasury and get an entire town of rock-cut architectural wonders. In addition to the Treasury and the Monastery, there are hundreds of tombs and high places where religious rituals were performed, all awe-inspiring feats of masonry. It would be impossible to see everything in the … Read More

Walking Through Petra at Night

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If you’re visiting Jordan, Petra is undoubtedly at the top of your list of places to visit (and for good reason). Petra’s Treasury is a rock-cut facade that is breathtaking in the daylight and absolutely surreal at night! The Petra Archaeological Park closes at sunset, but you can come back at night for the Petra at Night tour—a candle-lit journey down the … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Petra

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If Jordan is on your travel wish list, chances are it’s because of Petra, the highlight attraction and Wonder of the World. You may have seen pictures of the rock-cut facade of the Treasury, but Petra is an immense site covering many square kilometers. Be prepared to walk. A lot. Or, have enough dinar handy to hire a donkey or camel. … Read More

Hotel Review: DoubleTree Aqaba

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Our first stop in Jordan was Aqaba, crossing from the Israeli border. We needed a place to recuperate before heading on to Petra and beyond. Since we booked this trip using points and miles, our options were limited. Fortunately, Aqaba had a DoubleTree hotel, a Hilton property, that we were able to book for 10,000 points. With a great location … Read More

City Guide: One Day in Aqaba

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Aqaba is a holiday spot for Jordanians and international tourists alike, and retains the atmosphere of a resort town with pleasant temperatures year-round. Located on the southern tip of Jordan, it’s possible to look out over the water and see both Israeli and Egyptian shores. International travelers don’t typically spend more than a day here as there’s not too much to see … Read More

Rough Guide to Traveling in Jordan

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This past winter, we combined a trip to Israel with a week in Jordan, a neighboring country with a diverse set of attractions and some of the most hospitable people we’ve ever encountered. Tourism being a huge part of their economy means they take great care to ensure the safety and satisfaction of visitors, making it a sort of haven in the hotbed of … Read More