Books and Mementos: The Holy Land

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This past winter we spent three weeks in Israel and Jordan, an itinerary that for many includes the famous carved city of Petra. We all know it from Indiana Jones, but few could tell you what it actually is. So if you’ve found yourself planning a trip to Petra without really knowing anything about the area, I highly recommend picking up … Read More

15 Reasons You Should Visit Jordan

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From ancient cities to hot diving spots, Jordan has something for everyone and is definitely worthy of a place on your bucket list. After spending a week and a half visiting this incredible country, we’ve come up with the top 15 reasons to visit Jordan: Wadi Rum is definitely an out-of-this-world experience. Here’s our adorable bedouin hosts treating us to some music and … Read More

City Guide: One Day in Amman

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Amman is the first stop for many travelers heading into Jordan. Having crossed the Wadi Araba land border from Israel, we traversed the country from South to North, ending our journey with a single day to explore the capital city before flying out of Queen Alia airport. Built on 20 or so hills, Amman isn’t the most pedestrian friendly city, … Read More

Hotel Review: Intercontinental Amman

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It’s likely your trip to Jordan will have you entering or exiting through Amman if not both, so if you’re looking for a hotel with lots of style and a great location, you may want to check out the InterContinental Amman. And if you have a stash of IHG Rewards points, this is a great option to take a look at. … Read More

Packing List: Petra in Winter

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If you’re a woman planning a trip to the Middle East, you’ve undoubtedly questioned what is acceptable to wear. Visiting in the summer means it can be quite tricky to keep cool while staying modest (check out my Egypt packing list for ideas on that). But if you’re visiting in winter, it’s easy because you’ll want to be bundled up anyway! … Read More

A Day in Jerash, Pompeii of the East

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If Petra is to Jordan what the Coliseum is to Italy, then Jerash is Jordan’s Pompeii, which, as it so happens, is a nickname for the ruined Roman city. While never buried under volcanic ash, Jerash is known as the “Pompeii of the East” because of how well-preserved it is, owing its state to the dry climate of the region (no … Read More

Piecing Together Madaba’s Artistic Heritage in Mosaics

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Imagine digging a foundation for your home and coming across ancient mosaics that had lain undisturbed for more than 1,000 years. When 90 families moved to Madaba, Jordan in 1880, this is exactly what happened. As part of a Christian minority, these families were relocated to escape the oppressive circumstances of their village in southern Jordan. Imagine their delight in finding fragments of a Christian … Read More

Exploring the Crusader Castle at Shobak

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The hand of history touches every corner of Jordan; there’s simply too much to see in a short trip! When we made our itinerary for our journey from Aqaba to Amman, there was plenty had to skip, but one notable omission stood out: the crusader castles of Kerak and Shobak. We didn’t allot a specific time to visit, hoping that we’d find … Read More