Books and Mementos: The Holy Land

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This past winter we spent three weeks in Israel and Jordan, an itinerary that for many includes the famous carved city of Petra. We all know it from Indiana Jones, but few could tell you what it actually is. So if you’ve found yourself planning a trip to Petra without really knowing anything about the area, I highly recommend picking up … Read More

Israel: Getting In and Getting Out

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With a sticky political situation, travel to Israel and the Palestinian Territories isn’t as straightforward as, say, a Schengen Zone country in Europe. It’s outside the scope of this blog to comment on the complexities of the situation, but we do feel it necessary to share general guidelines for entering and exiting the country. The whole of Israel is mainly … Read More

A Guide to Spending Christmas in Bethlehem

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Christmas abroad had long been on our wish list, but for some reason I had always imagined Germany or Norway—certainly not the West Bank. When we decided to visit Israel in December during Christmas, we knew a visit to Bethlehem couldn’t be missed, but we found it difficult to gather information online for planning a visit. We hope this post will help others wishing … Read More

Food Guide to Jerusalem

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The complex and rich history of the Holy Land has bred a cuisine to match. Centuries of successive conquerers have added their flavors to the mix, and returnees from the Jewish diaspora have also brought with them traditions from their lands of exile. That means it’s hard to nail down what exactly constitutes the national cuisine, so if you’re a fan … Read More

10 Things to Experience in Jerusalem

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Thinking of visiting Jerusalem? It was must-see for us on our ongoing quest to visit the world’s great historical and religious cities. With millennia of history and culture, visitors have no shortage of experiences to take in during their time in this ancient city. Our list below contains a mere fraction of the things to see and do, but represents some of … Read More

Jerusalem Museum Guide

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One would expect a city with as rich of a timeline as Jerusalem to be overflowing with museums, and indeed that is the case. So after taking in the historical treasures of the city, seek out one (or more) of its many museums to gain a deeper understanding of its story. Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat: 10am–5pm Tue: 4pm–9pm Fri: 10am–2pm Entry: 50NIS … Read More

Navigating the Christian Sites of Jerusalem

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When emperor Constantine embraced Christianity in the early 300’s, his mother Helena took a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in search of relics. Based on the traditional locations of events in the life of Christ that had been established by locals and pilgrims, she erected chapels and shrines all over Jerusalem. No matter your religious belief, visiting the holy sites of Christianity is … Read More

Finding Peace of the Mount of Olives

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Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives is a special place connected to many biblical events. It was here that Christ took his disciples to pray at the Garden of Gethsemane where he was arrested, and from here that the faithful believe he ascended into Heaven after his resurrection. The Garden of Gethsemane can still be visited today, as well as many churches that … Read More