Packing List: Petra in Winter

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If you’re a woman planning a trip to the Middle East, you’ve undoubtedly questioned what is acceptable to wear. Visiting in the summer means it can be quite tricky to keep cool while staying modest (check out my Egypt packing list for ideas on that). But if you’re visiting in winter, it’s easy because you’ll want to be bundled up anyway! … Read More

Piecing Together Madaba’s Artistic Heritage in Mosaics

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Imagine digging a foundation for your home and coming across ancient mosaics that had lain undisturbed for more than 1,000 years. When 90 families moved to Madaba, Jordan in 1880, this is exactly what happened. As part of a Christian minority, these families were relocated to escape the oppressive circumstances of their village in southern Jordan. Imagine their delight in finding fragments of a Christian … Read More

Petra Hiking Guide

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Petra surprises people every day who show up looking for the single facade of the Treasury and get an entire town of rock-cut architectural wonders. In addition to the Treasury and the Monastery, there are hundreds of tombs and high places where religious rituals were performed, all awe-inspiring feats of masonry. It would be impossible to see everything in the … Read More

Walking Through Petra at Night

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If you’re visiting Jordan, Petra is undoubtedly at the top of your list of places to visit (and for good reason). Petra’s Treasury is a rock-cut facade that is breathtaking in the daylight and absolutely surreal at night! The Petra Archaeological Park closes at sunset, but you can come back at night for the Petra at Night tour—a candle-lit journey down the … Read More

City Guide: One Day in Aqaba

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Aqaba is a holiday spot for Jordanians and international tourists alike, and retains the atmosphere of a resort town with pleasant temperatures year-round. Located on the southern tip of Jordan, it’s possible to look out over the water and see both Israeli and Egyptian shores. International travelers don’t typically spend more than a day here as there’s not too much to see … Read More

A Guide to Spending Christmas in Bethlehem

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Christmas abroad had long been on our wish list, but for some reason I had always imagined Germany or Norway—certainly not the West Bank. When we decided to visit Israel in December during Christmas, we knew a visit to Bethlehem couldn’t be missed, but we found it difficult to gather information online for planning a visit. We hope this post will help others wishing … Read More

10 Things to Experience in Jerusalem

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Thinking of visiting Jerusalem? It was must-see for us on our ongoing quest to visit the world’s great historical and religious cities. With millennia of history and culture, visitors have no shortage of experiences to take in during their time in this ancient city. Our list below contains a mere fraction of the things to see and do, but represents some of … Read More