Things to Do Near Arenal Volcano

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Arenal National Park is one of the most popular Costa Rican destinations for nature-seekers. The conservation area is home to many of Costa Rica’s wildlife, its most beautiful waterfalls, and its biggest volcano. From backpacker hostels and zip-lines to luxurious resorts and hot springs, the little town of La Fortuna that has sprung up around the park caters to every type of tourist looking … Read More

Hotel Review: Tree Houses Hotel, Costa Rica

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When trying to decide where to visit for one week in Costa Rica, I had to come up with a priority list of what I really wanted to do and see—and number one on my list was to sleep in a treehouse. Now there are plenty of treehouses in Costa Rica, from airbnb rentals to exuberantly priced resorts and even a treehouse … Read More

One Week Costa Rica Itinerary

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Costa Rica has always been a popular vacation spot and now that we’ve been, we can see why: it’s easy, laid back, and fun! We were looking for a short trip where we could unwind from the craziness of our full time jobs and relax at the beach, while also getting a little adventure in. Costa Rica is the perfect … Read More

How to Actually Travel When You Work a Full Time Desk Job

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You scan pinterest and instagram, come across an incredible beach sunset pic, sigh, and think “I wish I could travel like that, without a care in the world” and your daydreaming soon turns to anger as you exclaim, “…too bad some of us have bills to pay!” I know how this scene goes, because I work a full time desk job. … Read More

7 Tips to Help You Never Over-Pack Again

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You hear it over and over again, but packing light is truly one of the keys to a successful vacation. It means getting to your destination faster, not having to worry about losing your luggage on the flight, navigating public transportation easier, less sweat, less trouble. Here’s a few tips to help free yourself from the burden of an overpacked bag. … Read More

Eating Your Way Through Istanbul

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I’ll be honest, our first two trips to Istanbul, we weren’t all that impressed with the cuisine we were eating. That probably has to do with the fact that we kept ordering the same dish, kebap, hoping it would be similar to the incredible Persian kebap Shane grew up with. But once I got ahold of Biber Dolması, I feel … Read More

Books and Mementos: The Holy Land

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This past winter we spent three weeks in Israel and Jordan, an itinerary that for many includes the famous carved city of Petra. We all know it from Indiana Jones, but few could tell you what it actually is. So if you’ve found yourself planning a trip to Petra without really knowing anything about the area, I highly recommend picking up … Read More

15 Reasons You Should Visit Jordan

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From ancient cities to hot diving spots, Jordan has something for everyone and is definitely worthy of a place on your bucket list. After spending a week and a half visiting this incredible country, we’ve come up with the top 15 reasons to visit Jordan: Wadi Rum is definitely an out-of-this-world experience. Here’s our adorable bedouin hosts treating us to some music and … Read More

City Guide: One Day in Amman

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Amman is the first stop for many travelers heading into Jordan. Having crossed the Wadi Araba land border from Israel, we traversed the country from South to North, ending our journey with a single day to explore the capital city before flying out of Queen Alia airport. Built on 20 or so hills, Amman isn’t the most pedestrian friendly city, … Read More